Resolute Tax Services, LLC is the most reputable Tax Firm in Arizona and California when it comes to Tax Resolution and Audit Representation. We have built a reputation from hard work and integrity to the client. Our Arizona and California Tax Attorneys and Enrolled Agents are the best at what they do. 

We have focused our practice down to offering specialized representation when it comes to IRS tax Audits. We represent individuals and business's from all over the United States. We have saved our clients millions of dollars in money they would have lost due to our rigorous and thorough Audit defense techniques. 

Whether you have a simple Audit or a more complicated Audit with fears that the IRS will see criminal activity we are the ones you want on your side. 

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Future Client,

I would like to thank you for you interest in our company. I would like to take you on a small tour of what we have to offer and how we can help you with the IRS Audit you are facing.

I have built a firm that is built around you, the client. It is your future we are entrusted with. We want you to understand everything going on, at the same time taking the burden off of your shoulders. 

We do majority of our Audits face to face with the IRS. I feel that it is the most effective way to communicate to the IRS and to hold them accountable to accept the legal deductions that have been used and that are in question for the IRS Audit. 

As a client you always have access to the professional that is over your IRS Audit. You will not be assigned to a case worker or a paralegal. 

Our goal is to approach the IRS Audit with aggressiveness in negotiating the items in question and cautiousness to make it so not any other items or years can be in question. This is what the IRS is looking to do during an Audit. 

We take the case and you do not have to contact the IRS again. We will take this over for you. 

We are always available to ease any concerns that arise during this process. 

Please feel free to call me direct at (480)442-1040 or visit my blog at 

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During your IRS Audit the IRS will play all kinds of games. They are taught to do this. They will play stupid or naive and act like they don't know all the details. There is a reason why they are Auditing you, and this is why you need to get representation for your IRS Audit

Example: one example we have run into was a client came to us and hired us half way through the audit. As we were reviewing his information we noticed that he had a lot of unreported income the IRS was coming up with. As we started to look deaper into the Audit we noticed that our client did not know what it was. We later discovered that in the Questioning period for the Audit the IRS Auditor asked if this customer had petty cash on hand. The client said yes. The Auditor then asked how much at one time did he have at one time. Our client then told the IRS Auditor that they may have had $500 on a given day. The auditor then said there was $500 of unreported income weekly for this business. That is more than $24000 in taxable income this cliemnt would have been taxed because of these games the IRS will play. 
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